We are in Colorado for Christmas. Its the third year in a row. We almost always get together with my sister and her 17 year old daughters. They are so good with the younger cousins!

One of our Christmas traditions is to make graham cracker houses. We have been doing this with our cousins since Curious Girl was about 3 years old. Every year we think of things to remember for the next year, but the months pass and we always forget. So, in an effort to remember for next year…

We need a stronger frosting recipe. The standard powdered sugar and butter just doesn’t hold. Maybe fruit leather used as hinges would work.

Have strong cardboard as a base. Cereal boxes are not strong enough. Luckily my sister remembered this for this year.

Tootsie rolls and starburst can be kneaded and used as clay.

You can never have too many graham crackers.

Melted Jolly Ranchers make nice windows.


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