Graham Cracker Houses

It is a holiday tradition and even the 18 year olds are willing to jump in. This year we tried some new items for decorating and here is the consensus…

Colored twizlers… great idea! Used as supports, branchesn and to outline windows, they brough color variety beyond past years.

Pepermint M&Ms… yummy, but the red and white colors were limiting. Better used to eat along with a broken graham cracker.and holiday marshmallow.

Target brand gummy animals… too cute! A very welcome addition as a pet in the house or more often grazing outside the houses.

Captain Crunch holiday… fail. Unlike the box shows, these cereal pieces look nothing like little trees, stars, and Santas. The kids will love to eat themfor breakfast, though.

Skittles… a staple. Must have for the color variety. They make great ornamrnts too.

Starlights… classic.

Hersheys bar… we got one and broke the squares to use as doors.

Holiday Marshmallows… cute trees and stars. The stars were the bigger hit.

Canned Frosting… I got whipped which was a mistake. It needed to be doctored up with powdered sugar to hold walls together.

Starbursts or Tootsie Rolls… I forgot them this year, but they were missed. With a few seconds in the microwave, they can be molded into anything.

What do you use?

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