Kindred spirits

At soccer practice today I found two kindred spirits. Well, not like soul mates, more like two other Moms who share a frustration and worry about their Math strong sons and the lack of engagement for them in the school. The two Moms I met had 2nd grade sons – younger than my 5th grader for sure, but already they were feeling it. One was supplementing with Saxon Math at home, and one had decided to try home school this year.

doing the math for the floor plan

While it is nice to share frustrations and vent a little, I’m not one to keep complaining (unless I think it will change something). I kept wondering what could be done. There must be other Moms out there who have Math smart kids. How do you keep them challenged when the school work is just too easy (and boring)?

I have considered online lessons. My sister-in-law loved this one: but it is so expensive for just one class. We tried supplementing with Singapore math, but he wants time for unstructured play (and has soccer and scouts too). There are math games online, and we love Cyberchase: but he has mastered all of those.

What do others do?

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