Mixing in Math

I am a Math geek at heart. I do science with kids and enjoy every minute of it, but deep down in my heart I yearn for more math. Hands-on math activities for groups are more of a challenge to find than science, partly because the level of math you understand makes a significant difference. Open ended science activities allow kids of all ages to jump in where they are at, but often math is not as forgiving at the elementary levels.

That is why I LOVE this book (also available en Espanol):


Marlene and her colleagues have gathered fun math activities all into one book for us! Included are quiet and loud games for preschoolers to children at the end of elementary. Building, dice rolling, and even activities you can eat are all inside. They have games to play while waiting in line, and activities for different holidays throughout the year. Games can be played with a winner or so that everybody wins. Each activity offers a harder version of the same activity so that once the original is mastered, the child can move up to more complicated math (or to use with older siblings). Family Math nights, classroom math fun, adding some math into your daily life, and library activity centers will never be the same. I have had the book for a couple of months and am already using it and making plans to use it more!

Gifts: Teachers, parents, and after school clubs! I plan to buy this book for each of my kids’ teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week (and one for the library), but I don’t know if I can wait that long. Oh, I HAVE to get one for the Gifted and Talented teacher too! I wonder if they have a bulk discount 😉

Cub Scouts: I have used several of these activities both as gathering activities, and for the Math belt loops and pin. I did a STEM NOVA summer camp and used some of these for the 1-2-3 Go NOVA award. If you would like more details on how we did the summer camp, let me know.

Family Math night: Food Fights, Puzzles, and Hideouts makes a family math night easy. Although I have not done one yet, it is on my list of things I can’t wait to do! Our school is doing a math-a-thon, and I will copy some of the activities in case the teachers are looking for innovative ideas.


As you can see my excitement for the activities in this book is bubbling over. For those of you who are math geeks, or who want your kids to see how fun math can be – this is the book! Hands-on learning , in my opinion, is the best way to learn. Food Fights, Puzzles, and Hideouts offers hands on math
fun for kids.

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One Response to Mixing in Math

  1. tricia says:

    This DOES sound like an exciting book! I am so happy that math seems to be coming easily to our daughter- but, I want to keep my kids enthused about it, but most of all, I never want them to fear the subject in school. I think I will buy this book!

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