Are you a good house guest?

I think I do a pretty good job as a hostess to house guests, although in Small Town with the tiny apartment, we have yet to have any (and I can’t imagine where they would sleep).  I like to leave goddies in a basket or bucket by the bed,or think about my guests needs and meet them before they arise.  But what about when the roles are reversed?  I’m not sure I’m as good at being on the guest side.  I haven’t given enough thought to what makes a good house guest.  But as we approach about half way through a 10 day stay with my sister in Colorado, I find myself wondering… what makes a good house guest?


This is what I have so far (I’d love some other ideas):

1. Do not wake your hosts,  My kids are 7 and 10 and they naturally arise before their 17 year old cousins as well as their Uncle and Aunt.  We have designated this time as free electronic time where they can play on the DS, Leap pad, ipad, or anything similar just to keep them quiet. 

2,  Have a stash of food.  The kids often wake hungry, or get hungry before a real meal is ready.  It has been helpful to have snacks to offer them other than the candy they got in their stocking.

3. Entertain yourselves a bit.  I think that one or two days we will go out as a family and let our hosts regroup in peace (they are not used to having two small kiddos around all of the time).

4. Discipline tactfully.  When you raise your voice or scold a child and everyone hears, it dampens the mood for everyone (and may embarrass your child too).

5. Bring a Hostess Gift.  I am usually very good at doing this, but this year we brought Christmas gifts but not a gift to give as we arrived.  This I will try to do next time.

6. Be flexible.  Let the kids know that you may be more flexible on the visit (ie – more video game time because they are playing with cousins, or later bedtimes).  Just make sure they understand it is only for the visit.

What did I forget???

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2 Responses to Are you a good house guest?

  1. Oh Goodness. I needed this list a week ago!!!! Awesome topic- 🙂

  2. DividingBy10 says:

    I forgot to mention cleaning up. We often leave a game or legos out to be continued the next day, but our hosts clearly clean up every noght.

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