Be the change…

I love fall!

With the recent time change, I find myself awake too early in the morning and I force myself to stay in bed as long as I can. In that time it’s fun to ponder and see what my brain comes up with in the quiet dark moments that precede the dawn. Today I just kept coming back to that quote. I have it on my signature line for e-mails. It has been my beacon through the many life changes since graduating from college all those many years ago…

be the change

This has become somewhat of a mantra for me. In the same vein, I try to always leave a place I’ve lived better than it was before I got there (this is the philosophy behind the “Leave No Trace” badge in Cub Scouts applied to my life)

leave no trace

So it got me thinking… we have been here almost a year…what have I done to try to better my new community? And how am I being the change I want to see? I invite you to reflect on your own community and share how you are being the change that you want to see as well.

For me, here’s what I can think of:
Started an after school science club at my kids’ school
Volunteered to be an officer in the PTA
Science Fridays monthly with the Girl Scouts
Wrote & Received a large grant for the local Cub Scouts to create science trunks (from water testing to robotics) and share them with the community.
Am proposing an event next February to increase interest of girls in Engineering through AAUW
Volunteer with Chess club
Volunteer to help with the books at church
Help coach soccer when the coach is not there (this was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone)

I think I’m honoring my commitment to be the change and not just sit back and criticize or complain. How are you being the change in your community? Let’s share ideas and see if we can’t make these little changes reach a little further.

fall tree

PS… I’m trying to think of a way to “be the change” for the holiday season. What ideas do you have?

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