Pumpkin patch

Small town has a pumpkin patch. Well it’s not exactly a pumpkin patch – not as I imagine one anyway. I thought that since farming seems to be common around here, we would find a real pumpkin patch. I was even hoping for a hay maze or hayride even. Well, the closest pumpkin patch like that is 4 hours away. Instead one of the local churches brings a semi truck full of pumpkins to their big front lawn.


After adjusting my expectations to small town size, we had lots of fun. We went with our neighbors and played for a while and then picked out a few pumpkins. It was a beautiful afternoon and fun was had by all. Cosmo Boy found a comfy place to lounge…

Cosmo Boy in pumpkins

Turns out that small town church sold $25,000 of pumpkin ending perfectly with the sale of the last pumpkin at 6PM on Halloween. All ofthe money raised is split between 3 charities including the local food for children program.

Happy Halloween!

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2 Responses to Pumpkin patch

  1. This is great, though- the photos are pretty! When we lived in El Paso, we drove to a wonderful pumpkin patch (a real, growing in the field-pumpkin patch) in Las Cruces, NM. Not sure how far away that is- There are also lots of pretty pecan farms to drive through in Las Cruces if you ever go that way!

    • DividingBy10 says:

      That’s good to know! That is probably closer than the one I found up north. I think this was okay for our first October here, but I’m hoping we find something better next year.

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