Where did the Summer go?

I can’t believe it. Tomorrow Curious Girl starts school and Tuesday it’s Cosmo Boy’s turn. Since Curious Girl went to a city wide kindergarten, this will be her first time at the new school. I like that the 1st graders go one day early to get the “feel” of the school and settle in for a day before the chaos of all the other kids begins. Small Town also does this for 6th graders and 9th graders. Nice.

We already know Curious Girl has a fantastic teacher. How do we know (beside the fact that I got to see her in action leading a week long summer camp)? Well, at meet the teacher, not only was her room all set up in Cat in the Hat decor with the 19 kids’ names on each desk and also on the bulletin board, but Curious girl also found this waiting for her on her desk:

2013 meet teacher

AND in the mail last week she got this:

2013 meet teacher3

2013 meet teacher2

I can’t even tell you how wonderful all of this is for a young child starting a new school. This is an awesome teacher and it’s going to be a great year!

As for Cosmo Boy… well, I’m less excited. His teacher has the reputation of being a very good teacher with many years of experience. She had names on the desks in her room and was greeting each child as they entered their new classroom. Most students had their names on desks. Cosmo Boy found his. However – and this is no reflection on the teacher – 5 students did not have desks! They didn’t have enough desks for each child. Why? Because she has 29 students!

Curious Girl has 19 and Cosmo Boy has 29! How does this happen? Well, I was advised that the maximum student limits in our new state are based on an average of the number of students per classroom in the entire school. They said that Curious Girl having only 19 makes it easier for Cosmo Boy’s class to be bigger and still have an average within the limits. THAT is one policy that makes no sense.

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