Back to the books…

So I took the plunge. I went back to school. I decided to go after that Masters I never did. This was my first semester of a completely online masters program.

I am using my brain muscle.
I am learning something new about Education.
I am learning new technologies.
I am remembering what it’s like to be in school and relating to my kids’ frustrations more.
I have a clear goal.

This Masters program is in Education. Not my passion, but the closest I could find given my constraints.
Curriculum and Pedagogy is not my favorite subject.
The professor likes to ambush us with homework assigned on weekends or due really quickly which raises my stress levels.
The classes I need are full or not offered.

I am also needing to do more time management and getting hubby to help around the house more which is a bonus.

So it got me thinking about long term goal setting. In the past I have taken smaller piece to break it down (I guess that would be each semester). I also usually leave a visual reminder out to see regularly (maybe my books). And I check in every once in a while to see how I’m doing (this blog post).

What long term goals have you made and how do you stick to them?

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