Books books and more books…

I know books are important. I’ve seen the statistics that show children with more books in their house turn out more successful in life. I myself have a soft spot for books.

As you can see we have 2 bookshelves crammed full of kids books (plus some that didn’t fit):


So why do I wince at the thought of going to the library?

My kids are good readers. In fact Curious Girl is a GREAT reader for a kindergartener. They devour books as long as they don’t have the preferred option of playing on a computer.

Cosmo Boy likes space (of course), mysteries, and most recently Greek and Roman mythology.


Curious Girl loves Dora, Little Critters, and on occasion Magic Tree house (although that often requires help and she prefers to read alone).


Both are a grade or two above their level in AR which doesn’t mean a lot to me since most kids we knew in Big Town were above their level (I don’t know about Small Town yet).

Anyway, I don’t hate going to the library. Our Small Town library is quite nice. We wander through the books and look at new ideas for what to read about. But then comes the part I hate… checking out the books. I cringe, my heart races, and I reluctantly tell each child they can get 2 books (and 1 educational computer game per child that I chose). I hate to take library books home, because I’m so afraid we won’t return them. Either I will forget to return them on time, or they will get mixed with our other books and we won’t be able to find them. It has happened so many times.

So how do you ensure that you return your library books on time?

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4 Responses to Books books and more books…

  1. I’m a late returner, too!

    I actually like to go to the library to do the readings there- and then we take off without checking them out! I know it may sound odd, but it’s hard for me to do even that just because I think about the circulation of the books over the years and I wonder if they’ve been sanitized. haha!

    • DividingBy10 says:

      That is a great idea. In addition to the problem returning the books, I don’t like giving the kids a time limit on when they have to read them by. If we just planned to stay at the library for an hour or so, they could do their reading there. Maybe the older one could take one home if he got part way into one he liked. I’m thinking about a book exchange instead with some of his friends. That way we could keep the books and get rid of some of the many many books we have without feeling badly about it.

      On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 9:32 PM, dividingby10

  2. You know what we did once? It was a book pen pal kind of thing with other bloggers. They sent a book and materials to do an activity associated with the book. I wrote about it, actually -it was a lot of fun- mostly because it was a great book that I would have never picked up. There was a cost limit on how much the book could cost. That might be a fun thing to do with some other kid bloggers if you ever want to try to do something like that- low overhead, pretty cool surprise, too. 🙂 Here is the link to our activity- If you are interested in it, I am pretty sure The Educator’s Spin On It does these kinds of book swaps periodically and they are always looking for participants….they send the ages of the kids they have so you can find an appropriate book…

    • DividingBy10 says:

      Thank you, C&C. I’m going to look into it. That is a great idea. I wonder what activities you could do for the older kids like Cosmo Boy… I’m off to look!

      On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 12:43 AM, dividingby10

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