Vacation to Bigtown

Well summer is here and the kids wanted to go to Big Town and see their friends. How would I swing it when our budget is tight? Find a way to make enough to cover the trip! So here we are in Bigtown. I’m running 2 summer camps to make enough to pay for the loooooong drive and expenses for the 2.5 weeks we are here. Friends have taken us into their homes to sleep and have meals. It is a wonderful way to spend a few weeks of summer vacation.
This is what he first few days were like:

Then a week of cub scout STEM camp. Followed by a week of Nature camp.

Now I am back to relaxing:

for a few days before we return to Small Town…

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One Response to Vacation to Bigtown

  1. So cool! I’m sure no one wants you to leave Bigtown!!!

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