Elf and Fairy Houses…

In Nature camp last week we made fairy houses (or for the boys – elf houses). It was a fun activity with lots of teaching moments so I’m sharing it with you.

Use natural materials to make elf houses and then hide them out in nature to be discovered by others who stumble upon them as they walk along the path you did. We used tree bark, sticks, moss, corn husks, shells, etc to create some fun little houses. Here is Cosmo Boy working on his (which ended up being a ship that was “shipwrecked” on the edge of the lake):

Curious Girl teamed up with a friend and while he made the house, she concentrated on the back yard complete with a shell shaped swimming pool:
I did have to ask her to remove the bright pink duct tape 🙂

She finally finished and went out to “install” the back yard in the park:

This was a great exercise in creativity, frustration, and problem solving (hint: natural materials do not include hot glue or tape), and allowed for discussion about how trash can hurt wildlife and even that bright pink duct tape might be pretty to us, it is not part of nature and does not belong in the park.

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4 Responses to Elf and Fairy Houses…

  1. Haha! The duct tape is awesome. BUt, this is a neat activity…I’m imagining what my kids would do if they stumbled on a mini-world like that! They’d be elated!

  2. Kasey Chappell says:

    LOVE this idea!

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