Visiting Aliens…

In Bigtown I remember wanting to go on the tours of the city that shared the ghosts and supernatural forces of the city, but with kids at an easily scarable age, it didn’t happen. Well, driving distance from Smalltown is the UFO capitol of the USA. With it’s cute green aliens decorating the city, I decided this was much more young child friendly. We enjoyed the Alien infested McDonalds and the local museum. We did not go to the Alien museum after reading reviews and hearing from neighbors that it was not a “must see”. Still we had fun searching for aliens along the main road (they hand out at hotels and businesses all along the strip).

Kids in Roswell Feb 013

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2 Responses to Visiting Aliens…

  1. We wanna go! Aliens in the Mcdonalds? That’s funny!

  2. Kasey Chappell says:

    that sounds like a lot of fun!

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