Smalltown has a cultural festival at the local college and we are going to participate. Each table has a country as their theme. We will be representing Chile as hubby is from Chile. So, we are preparing 50 – 100 sample sized pieces of Pan de Pascua…

pan de pascua

Pan de Pascua is a sweet bread/cake that is common over Christmas. It is yummy! Here is a recipe pretty close to what we are following:

Bigtown had a similar event. The charter school the kids attended had an international fair as their fund raiser. The food was delicious, and the school made good $$. This one is…. you guessed it… FREE. Seems to be a common theme in Smalltown.

I’ll let you know how it is!

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One Response to Representin’

  1. DividingBy10 says:

    It was fun! We had a great time and gave out about 150 pieces of Chilean Christmas cake. We were so busy I didn’t get pictures!

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