Sabado en Espanol

So we missed the boat on teaching our children Spanish as infants. Both of us speak Spanish and English fluently, but we learned our non native languages as college students – a much harder feat than as a child. The plan was one parent one language, but Hubbys’ language (Spanish) somehow never got the time it was due. Now CosmoBoy is 9 and CuriousGirl 6, and sadly they are far from bilingual. Much to my disappointment, there is even some resistance to learning Spanish. My response? “Spanish Saturdays”! Every Saturday morning the kids can do whatever they want (which in our house means mindcraft, TV, and other computer games) as long as it is in Spanish! I’m hoping it will help them associate Spanish with fun things and also encourage them to learn a little along the way.

At the moment CosmoBoy is watching a video about how to play Mindcraft in Spanish, and Curious Girl has Mickey Mouse on TV in Spanish.

Ojala aprendan algo!

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One Response to Sabado en Espanol

  1. Jeanne Dunn says:

    Qu buena idea!

    Jeanne Dunn Home: (507) 871-3010

    On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 9:08 AM, dividingby10

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