Guilty, Lazy, or Embracing local Culture?

ourside apartment

Everyone is at work. And here I sit with my Chai Latte by the little gurgling fountain feeling ever so slightly guilty.

I got he kids up and ready, took the kids to school, made & packed hubby’s lunch, met CuriousGirl for lunch at her kindergarten, shared another lunch time with CosmoBoy and one of his 3rd grade classmates, and then I headed home.

I have 2 hours before I have to pick up my kids and the 2 neighbor kids, go over school work, do some home school curriculum that we decided to supplement with, get dinner started, eat, and take CuriousGirl to Scouts.

There are dishes to do and after 4 months still plenty of boxes to unpack. My to-do list is full, and yet nothing is motivating me to “get ‘er done!”. Am I lazy? Or is this what small town living is like?

I think I’ll sit here by the little fountain in our massive apartment complex and ponder that question as mu hair is blown by the cool breeze and I am warmed by my Chai.

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