Share and share alike

The new “house” is a 2 bedroom apartment. The old house had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an entertainment room we used as a playroom, a large back yard, and a perfect climbing oak tree in the front yard. I wish I had pictures. One of the biggest changes for the kids is sharing a room. I remember as a child my 2 younger brothers had bunk beds. They were about 2 years apart in age and both boys. They seemed to love it most of the time and until I graduated to being the oldest in the family home and getting to move downstairs, I was jealous.

So naturally I thought my children would love the opportunity to share their room. They could wake in the morning and talk to each other rather than waking to a quiet empty room. Well, it hasn’t always been something that they like. There is frustration by Curious Girl that Cosmo Boy always gets to be the one who sleeps on top (to which I responded that she too could sleep on top when she’s 8). But there is a positive side to it all. They respect each others’ beds and only “visit” the other person’s bed if invited. Each has a flashlight so that they can stay up and read or write in their journals without bothering the other. And most recently they rigged a tool to pass things from one to the other without having to get out of bed. Note the purple Princess basket tied to a rope looped through the top bunk’s bars.

pulley in bedroom

Now they want to figure out how to rig a “telephone” like tool. I can’t wait to see what they engineer to do that!

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One Response to Share and share alike

  1. hahahahaha! I LOVE that your children devised “Rules of Engagement” for sharing a room. And the bucket tool…so clever. But, your kids are kinda smart. Just a little. This is hilarious. 🙂

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