I’m brilliant! Aren’t you?

Do you have those moments when you discover something new that makes you feel brilliant? Never mind that it has probably been done by other people. To you, in that moment, it is a total breakthrough! Well here is my brilliant breakthrough for the day:

ZZ shower bar

I put a curtain rod over the bath tub to hang wet swim suits! It’s high enough not to disturb Cosmo Boy and Curious Girl when they take baths, and close enough to the wall that it would not impede showers either (although we haven’t been using this tub for showers). So what do you think? “Brilliant”? Or “Come on – I’ve been doing that for years”? Be gentle with your criticism. I’m certainly not a domestic diva.

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6 Responses to I’m brilliant! Aren’t you?

  1. Tom Wade says:

    Better than the floor, or sink, or over the shower curtain rod/door.

    PS, I love small towns where you get through each stop light in one cycle.

  2. I think this IS smart…Do you know why? I have been bugged for a long time now about where to hang those squeegee spongy things you use to lather up in the shower? I don’t want them to sop up water and mold on the wet tub floor. I don’t want them resting against the shower tile where mildew might form or soap scum. So, I bought a hook and I hung it ON the shower rod. The problem is that those things drip. So, I always have a drip spot on the tile or carpet and I’m so annoyed. But, this is the solution to my squeegee sponge problem. 🙂

  3. NextStep says:

    I’m so glad someone else thinks this is useful! I feel validated. Thanks, Guys!

  4. tonya says:

    pool just opened and I was hanging the kids wet swimsuits on the hooks from the shower and I was thinking How can I hang them in the shower…brilliant and thank you!!

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