Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Last night we were visited by those mischievous little green guys who stock pile gold coins at the end of the rainbow. Since they come to visit every year, we were prepared. Each child made a trap to try to capture one – hoping to get that illusive pot of gold. Yesterday we worked away at making traps with moving parts, “invisible” tape, dropping floors, and a shiny object to get their attention.

Andres' trapRubye's trap

This morning I woke to giggles in the living room. I found the kids laughing away at the mess the guys had made:
st patricks day2

st patricks day1

No Leprechauns were captured, both traps showed signs of escape. The little guys turned our house upside down. Green pee in the potty, tiny green footprinte in the bathroom and kitchen, chairs upside down, disches moved, blankets hanging from random furniture, green milk, and they even left us some green jello. They also left a note and some goodies for the kids:
st patricks day

There’s always next year 🙂

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One Response to Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Green Pee in the potty????? That is one dedicated leprechaun. A little gross. But dedicated. 🙂

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