Brotherly (and sisterly) love…

One advantage to moving from a place with many many friends and a big house has been watching my children grow closer. They now share a room with bunk beds rather than each having their own bedroom plus a large playroom. There were definitely some growing pains as each of them wanted to have a space to themselves (we settled on you can’t go on your sibling’s bed without their permission). But now they chat at night as they fall asleep and even wake each other in the morning sometimes to get up and play before Mommy wakes.

They went from each having many of their own friends to often only having each other to play with. Now they are able to find compromises to always playing school like CuriousGirl wants to or always playing football like CosmoBoy wants to. They help each other on MindCraft, play together with bikes and scooters, and when we go out to have fun as a family, they connect well. Here we are at the zoo in a slightly bigger town (we have a “zoo” here, but it’s not as big as this one). They are holding hands as they try to sneak up on a peacock.

Roswell zoo

It has been gratifying to watch them rediscover each other and find ways to defend each other and support each other in-spite of regular competition for parental attention, or the last cookie.

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5 Responses to Brotherly (and sisterly) love…

  1. Que Fregados says:

    How beautiful to watch their friendship blossom. I remember the late night chatting when my brother and i were little kids with bunk beds – we shared so much that even though we are in different states and have our own families & lifestyles, he continues to be my best friend & I am his (next to his wife, of course, but that’s different).

  2. That is great!!!! A real plus!!! Love the photo….and I am interested in how the shared room works out…my kids share a room and we have been talking about separating down the center with a curtain for privacy now that they are growing older….We miss you guys here!

    • DividingBy10 says:

      The shared room is getting easier with time. On glitch I foresee is if one of them has a friend over. Can they have the room to themselves effectively banishing the other from their own room. We will see.

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