My final cup of Joy

Sipping a morning tea at the window overlooking the “zen” water fountain is how most of my Smalltown days begin. Usually it is a cup of Good Earth Original blend with the orange and cinnamon sents rising in the steam, but every once in a while I treat myself to a cup of “joy”.

cup of tea

This tea was a gift. Actually it was a piece of the most beautifully sentimental good-bye gift I have ever received. Along with several other items – each with a symbolic meaning – it was given with a wish for me to fill my cup with joy in my new town. The giver was a woman I was heartbroken to leave. It wasn’t because she was my best friend, on the contrary, it was because she was not as good of a friend as I would have liked. How had I spent 7 years in Bigtown and not made the time to spend with this person? She is amazing. Bigtown is so lucky to have her. From parenting and fashion, to scientific research and dedication, this lady is someone I deeply admire.

So today I will seep my last cup of joy. I’ll mourn the friends in Bigtown that I miss, especially this spectacular woman. Then I will try not to make the same mistake here in Smalltown. I commit to making time for friendships with those people I find fascinating and inspiring. If I ever leave Smalltown, let it not be with regrets like these.

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